DISCO Career Forum

Career Forum

The World's Largest Job Fairs for
Japanese-English Bilinguals

DISCO's 'Career Forum' is a series of internationally recognized job fairs for Japanese-English bilinguals. Since its inception in 1987, the Career Forum has annually brought together talented job-seekers with the world's top companies. For students seeking global career opportunities, participation in our job fairs have become a tradition.

The World's Largest Job Fairs for Japanese-English Bilinguals

Beyond Boston

Back in 1987, we chose Boston as the site of our first Career Forum due to its proximity to world class learning institutions. Now in it's 31st year, the Boston Career Forum is still the largest and best attended job fair that DISCO organizes. However, we are now proud to offer Career Forums in a number of other major international cities. In addition to holding fairs in economic and political centers such as London, Sydney, Seoul, Yangon, Tokyo and New York, we have expanded our forums into areas of cultural and technological importance, such as Shanghai, Los Angeles, Osaka and San Francisco.

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Leading Companies, Talented Job-Seekers

We have now served over 260,000 bilinguals and worked with more than 7,000 international companies. Though size does matter, it is the quality of our participating companies and job-seekers that we are most proud of. DISCO has welcomed leading businesses in nearly every sector, including finance, manufacturing, IT, and pharmaceuticals. Moreover, the student attendees, many of whom hold advanced degrees, come from a wide variety of academic and technical backgrounds.

Change as Opportunity

The changing economic and political climate is creating new opportunities for globally-minded individuals and corporations. Therefore, it is no surprise that many businesses are seeking talented Asian bilinguals to help them expand into new areas and markets. By facilitating this process, the Asian Bilingual Career Forum continues our mission to provide professional opportunities to dynamic members of the global community.