About Us

Market Leader Since 1973

When establishing the first DISCO office in Tokyo, we foresaw that both individuals and employers would increasingly look abroad in order to meet their educational and human resource needs. This allowed us to become a market leader in international recruitment and career development right from the start.

DISCO's International Presence

In 1987, we held our first DISCO Career Forum in the city of Boston. This annual event has gone on to become the world's largest job fair for Japanese-English Bilinguals. The success of the Boston Career Forum has allowed us to expand our series of job fairs to cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, London, Shanghai, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Singapore.

To better serve our clients and stay on top of trends in the education and human resource industries, we have also established affiliate DISCO offices in New York, Seoul and London.

The DISCO Name

The Value of Partnerships

Through our job fairs and other activities, we have built relationships with countless organizations and individuals. Working closely with each partner, we are able to connect businesses with the training programs and educational institutions that best match their needs. Moreover, by collaborating with both job-seekers and diverse organizations, we have developed a comprehensive expertise that allows us to anticipate future HR and education trends.

The DISCO Initiative

DISCO aims to deliver opportunities for growth and advancement. By connecting our clients with dynamic human resources and training programs, we will help them confidently expand into new markets. Likewise, we endeavor to guide career-oriented individuals to companies and training programs that will allow them to maximize their unique potential.

The DISCO Name

The name 'DISCO' was created as an acronym for 'Development of Information Services for Career Opportunities'. However, perhaps the first and last letters of our name have come to best represent what we now 'DO' - that is, 'Develop Opportunities'.