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Supporting Your Global Ambitions

Since 1973, DISCO has supported the global ambitions of countless organizations and individuals. In addition to our renowned series of Career Forums, the world's largest job-fairs for bilinguals, DISCO provides a wide range of human resource solutions and educational opportunities.

By connecting our corporate clients with dynamic human resources and training programs,we help them confidently expand into new markets. Likewise, we endeavor to guide career-oriented individuals to companies and training programs that will maximize their unique potential.

Global Recruitment and Marketing

As the global economy rapidly develops, companies are forced to expand into new markets and localize their business activities in order to stay competitive. To meet this 21st century challenge, organizations need human resources with the linguistic, cultural and technical skills to make an immediate impact. DISCO specializes in finding this kind of talent.

In addition to our series of renowned Career Forums, which we now operate annually on 3 continents, DISCO provides a selection of global recruitment services geared to both organizations and individuals.These include highly effective web-based recruitment tools, expert consulting and global HR outsourcing.

Global Education and Training

DISCO is proud to work with many of the world's top educational institutions and corporate training programs.Whether you are an individual seeking a specific skill or a company hoping to develop your human capital, our constantly growing education network has the right program for you.

Over the past four decades, DISCO has placed thousands of students and professionals in training programs all around the globe. These include language programs, technical training and international business courses. By closely monitoring the outcomes, DISCO has come to identify top institutions and cultivate a skill for matching participants to the programs that will maximize their potential.

Advancing your education and career